Create Me!

Welcome to ‘Create me!’. This Section will allow users to create their own creative arrangementsĀ from a range of stimuli uploaded by us here at [Utopia]. Heres how it works:

Step 1 – Login to [Utopia]

Step 2 – Check what current stimuluses match your interest. Whether it be Digital art, Music production, Singing etc.

Step 3 – Download the stimulus

Step 4 – Import it into your desired editing program

Step 5 – Edit the stimulus any way you choose

Step 6 – Submit your work back to us


After you submit your work back to us we will go through all the submissions of users from that week and pick a ‘Top 3’ to be featured on an editorial front screen in the ‘Create Me’ section. We feel that this will encourage more people to create pieces, share and network with other people who are interested in similar creative mediums.



TheRembrandtCreate Me!